Today's San Pasqual Bridge
     Shown in these photos is the current San Pasqual Bridge (1997). The upper one is a telephoto view of the whole bridge looking north from the M.C. Judson residence. Note the knoll behind the bridge is the location of the San Pasqual Pioneers Cemetery, founded by Ray Trussell and his neighbor, Mr. Rockwood. The lower photo is a view of the southeast end of the new bridge taken from the base of the cemetery knoll. Number 1 is the Rebecca T. Judson Home, 2: the J.B. Judson home, and 3: the M.C. Judson home.
     Over the years there have been five bridges built at this location. The first three were wooden. Pictures of the first two are shown earlier in this chapter. The fourth bridge was built in 1943 and lasted 49 years before the combination of sand excavation and river flooding did it in. The bridge in this photo is the first one that is designed to span a deep channel. Previous to the sand excavation of the 60's, 70's, and early 80's, the river channel was wide and shallow.