San Marcos Scenes

      Above: Margaret, her sisters Thalia Ulyatt and BB standing just south of the milk barn as Robert and Amos chat.

     Left: Amos feeds hay to the cows while Margaret Trussell and her sister, Berta Bess Henseley, watch.

     Cows waiting for their hay.

     Milk falling down the chiller (the "aerator") with 10-gallon milk cans in the foreground. Both my Dad and my cousin Bud Judson have told me stories of getting their tongue stuck (frozen) to the surface of one of these "aerators" while trying to taste the milk as a child.

     Peter Ullyatt on his knees watching the heifers watch him.

     The Trussell Brothers dairy as it appears today as the Twin Oaks Ranch Development, golf course and all. About the only recognizable landmark is the Escondido-Vista pipeline, still barely visible on the hill.