The First San Pasqual Bridge, 1909

Posing on the First San Pasqual Bridge, 1909
     Left to Right; Amos and Franklin in front of Mary, Rhodes, Stanley, and Rebecca. At this time the road came straight through the Trussell property to what is now Bandy Canyon Road and then took a sharp right hard turn to the river (and this bridge). The bridge was just a few feet above a wide span of sand and the river ran jvirtually to the full width of the bridge nearly every year. This bridge washed out in the 1916 flood and was replaced with another bridge, also of wooden construction.

A view East from the San Pasqual Bridge, before 1916

Looking East from the San Pasqual Bridge, before 1916
     Shown here is a view taken from the first San Pasqual Bridge, looking east or upriver. Cranes Peak, on the right, is the most obvious landmark. Note that the riverbed at this time is wide and covered with vegetation. Barbed wire is also visible in the foreground. Most likely to keep animals from straying. The object at the base of Cranes Peak may be the Garlock place, a nice two story home that was at approximately that location until the 1916 flood.