Shown here are three houses that were important to the Trussells at one time or another. Above is a photo of the Trussell House in San Pasqual as it looked from the time it was built until it was sold to the City and allowed to deteriorate. The photo on the below shows the Boyle place, built on the corner of Bandy Canyon Road for Andrew Judson's inlaws and occupied by Stanley and his wife Lucille until Stanley bought the original ranch from his parents. On the bottom is a photo of the new place Ray and May Trussell built in 1922 on the corner of 7th and Maple in Escondido. Our family used to visit grandma May Trussell at this home every Sunday until shortly before I went to college. I used to love to play with her Victrola80. The Boyle House was built by Andrew Judson for his wife's parents. It was located on the Judson side of what is now Bandy Canyon Road, just opposite the South West Corner of the Trussell Place.