Picnic at the beach

Trussell Cousins

     Of course there were lots of cousins. On top we see a picnic at the beach. Cousins attending from L to R: Robert Trussell with Shirley Trussell on his lap, Barbara and Virginia Trussell, Lewis Trussell (standing), Louise Judson, and Katy May or Mary Trussell. Below we see the Trussell cousins celebrating Grape Day, Front Row, L to R: Margaret Edith Trussell, Alfred Trussell, Barbara Trussell, & Bud Judson (looking back). Second Row, L to R: Shirley Trussell, Louise Judson, Virginia Trussell, and Mary Trussell. Back Row, L to R: Ella May Trussell (in her Dad's arms), Rhodes Trussell, Ray Trussell and Robert Trussell

Celbrating 4th of July at Grape Day Park in Escondido

     More Cousins. The inset on the top shows the daughters of Rhodes and Margaret Trussell; Margaret Edith, Marian, and Ella May. The upper photo shows the some of the local cousins riding a sled used to crush clods on the ranch. My Dad used to talk about building these and riding them and what fun it was, L to R: Shirley Trussell, Patsy Judson, Louise Judson, Marylin Judson, Bud Judson (with reins) and Alfred Trussell. The lower picture shows some of the next generation, L to R: Rhodes Trussell, Candy Carroll, Jud Trussell, Rease Trussell, Sandy Judson, and Gary Carroll. There were more to come.