Bandy Canyon Swimming Hole
     There were four places to swim in the San Pasqual Valley that I know about. The pond on the Georgeson property, the irrigation ditch, and the ponds in Bandy and Rockwood canyons. When I was a boy, my Dad took our scout troop to both the Bandy and Rockwood swimholes. Shown here are some of Rebecca Trussell's friends having fun in the swimming hole up Bandy Canyon. When we scouts went, it was a tough climb up the canyon from the valley floor, particularly the climb over one rock. Judging from the photo below, the early settlers were smart enough to leave a ladder behind to make the swimhole more accessible. Before 1916 there used to be a swimhole on the Georgeson property just northwest of the Trussells along the river. Harry Brown, one of Ray's farm hands lost a nephew who drowned in the pond. The other swimhole I visited was up the northeast branch of Rockwood Canyon. This one though, was some distance up the canyon and was more accessible. I thought both the Rockwood and the Bandy Canyon swimholes were wonderful places.