San Pasqual's Second Schoolhouse

     The photo above shows the Seventh Day Adventist School, which was located on the far east end of the valley. Students of 1910-11. Charley Judson is with the glove in hand, Brother Ernest is with the hat standing next to the post and kid sister Mabel is standing beside the door. This was the last year Andrew Judson's kids attended the Adventist School as Ernest and Charlie were kicked out for playing a prank. Below are the 1911-12 groups at the Adobe Schoolhouse. Back L to R: V. Peet, John Webb, Miss Kruse, Alice Zanders, C. Judson, Sara McDonald, Rebecca T., Laura McGee, and E. Judson. Middle Row: Unknown, Clifford Peet, Unknown, Unknown, Amos T., Front row: Franklin Trussell, unknown, unknown, Myrtle McGee, unknown, Reba Judson, Laura Webb, Bernice Judson, and Bernard Peet.