The Adobe Schoolhouse
     These photos show various stages of San Pasqual's Old Adobe Schoolhouse, once featured on the cover of Life Magazine. According to the Bud Judson history, it was built in 1882 by N. Roberts on land donated by O. Darling. Residents living in the valley at the time helped with the construction, including H. G. Fenton, according to his diary. All the students from first through eighth grade were taught in the same room. After that they made a one hour commute to Escondido if they wanted to continue through high school.

      The top photo shows the school as it looked between 1905 and 1910. Note the summer house or lathe house on the east side. This is better shown in the photo to the right, looking at the school from the east to west. The children used to store their lunches in the summer house and then go out there to eat them as well.

     The photo on the left shows the same view of the school after the windmill was installed. The windmill was a controversial project and the discussion surrounding it did permanent damage to the relationship between May Trussell (who advocated its installation) and her neighbor Mary Rockwood Peet (who opposed the project).

     The boys often rode their bikes to school. The photo on the lower right shows Rhodes Trussell and several of his friends preparing to embark. Although the school was remodeled for a big celebration in the 1940's it has remained unattended since and it's current, shabby condition is shown in the photo below.

More Photos
of the Adobe School House