A.D. Trussell

Grandpa Trussell, 1905

     A. D. Trussell, "Grandpa" survived his first wife by 26 years, so he is a figure that was remembered by all of his grandchildren, even my father who was six when his grandfather died. In discussing him with my father, with Franklin, Amos, Rebecca and Rhodes, I get the impression that he visited the family often, but that he seemed sort of aloof to the children, not very interested in their affairs. My Dad wasn't so sure Grandpa approved of him, being the young upstart in the family. Rebecca recalled that Grandpa got to eat shredded wheat for breakfast when all the kids had to have rolled oats.

Grandpa Trussell and his youngest great grandchild, Robert Trussell
     Grandpa and his youngest great grandchild, Robert Trussell. Photo taken at Grandpa's place off Sunset Avenue in Los Angeles. To the best of my knowledge, A. D. Trussell's youngest great grandchild was Robert Trussell, my father. When Dad was born on July 17, 1915, his grandpa was 85 years old. The photo above shows young Robert or "Fuzz" as he was sometimes affectionately called, sitting on his Granpa's lap, probably taken in the Fall of 1915.