The Tia Juana and Otay Land Agency
      The photo above shows Ray Trussell standing next to a huge wreath with a note on it, in front of his Tia Juana and Otay Land Agency ... probably a grand opening. Also shown below is a copy of the letterhead he used for the establishment. The Agency is not mentioned in Ray's diary and none of his surviving children recall him telling them about the business. I suspect that Ray set the business up in 1885 after returning from his exploits in Missouri, perhaps using the funds from the milling operation to fund the business. This would place its establishment near the peak of the land boom in Southern California. Ray's brother, Cal, and his wife Nellie were both living in nearby Nestor at the time. It's likely that Ray's business was a victim of the "Bust" that occurred in the San Diego area in the early spring of 1888. By late 1888 he had only his homestead in Otay.