Ray's Lumber Sale

     Right after Christmas in late 1883, Ray Trussell set out for Jefferson City, Missouri to attend to the sale of his father's property in that state. His trip was noted by the Pasadena Chronical a few days later. The property consisted of eighty acres of forested land about three miles west of Holt's Summit -- which is across the River from Jefferson City. Shortly after he arrived, Ray printed and distributed the "Lumber!" handbill (left). A couple of weeks later, he negotiated a contract with James M. Irwin to set up a sawmill on the property and mill 100,000 board feet of lumber for $0.50 per hundred board feet. Perhaps Ray had made a deal with is father to cut and sell the timber on the land for his own profit before he sold the land itself for his Dad. The "Public Sale" handbill (below left) distributed about ten months later, shows that Ray was nearing finishing the project. He probably netted about $500 for the year-long endeavor. Apparently he stayed at J.F. Nichols while he managed the effort. Later, in early 1889, Ray returned to visit his old friends, the Nichols, a few days before he and May are to be married.