1884 Lumbermill Contract

      The following document, written in pencil on old lined paper, was found by Amos and Franklin Trussell among their fathers belongings. It is written in Ray's hand.

     "This Agreement, entered into this nineteenth day of Jan. eighteen hundred and eighty four (1884), between Ray Trussell of the first party and James M. Irwin of the second party..

     "The aforesaid party of the first part agrees to furnish on mill site, as fast as they may be sawed, logs to the amount of 100,000 ft., and if he finds no serious difficulty in disposing of his lumber at reasonable rates, to furnish all lumber on 80 acres of land, in his possession, said logs to be placed on log yard in good shape. Also said party of the first part agrees to move mill, anywhere, within radius of five miles, the expense of said moving not to exceed fifty dollars. Providing he fails to have more than 100,000 ft of lumber sawed, all the lumber sawed on aforesaid 80 acres.

     "The aforesaid party of the second part agrees to saw, all lumber on aforesaid 80 acres, for 50 per hun., to fill any orders the aforesaid party of the first part may designate.

     "Five thousand ft. of said lumber to be sawed, shall be sawed in to R.R. lumber, or, if, on failure to have it sawed into R.R. lumber to pay $1.00 per hun. extra for 50,000 ft.

     "The aforesaid party of the second part agrees to commence sawing Feb. 10th 1884, providing no serious difficulty arises in getting mill on grounds at that time."

                                Witnessed by Ray Trussell
                                J.F. Nichols James M. Irwin