Cal's Family
     The photo above, circa 1889, shows Cal with his wife, Nellie Town, and their first three children; Ernest, Flora, and a Baby, probably Helen. Cal was an interesting personality with a passion for game hunting. Ray used to enjoy telling his children stories about Cal's episodes. A favorite Kansas story was the time Cal went chasing a stray buffalo after laying around all day telling his brothers his foot was so sore they would have to do his chores. The Pasadena Star News describes an 1883 incident when a brush fire drove several deer down the mountain in Sierra Madre and Cal grabbed his gun and went after them. Cal and Nellie first settled in Nestor about a mile east of Ray. In mid 1891 they pulled up stakes and moved to Roseburg, OR where many of their descendents remain. The photo below shows Cal's son Ernest celebrating his 99th birthday with his nephew Cal Smith and his wife. Ernest never married.