The Jones Home (Wistaria Home).

      The Jones Home (Wistaria Home). The third home that A. Davis Trussell built in Sierra Madre was for his daughter and her new husband, Ed Jones. The couple sold the home to the Brugman's and moved to Monrovia in 1893. Monrovia was Ed's home town. It was Mrs. Brugman who planted the now world-famous Wistaria vine at the home. In this photo, taken in the Spring of 1894, the vine's first three blooms are visible hanging from the second post on the left side of the porch. Today, the Wistaria Vine, which covers more than an acre, boasts more than 1.5 million blossoms and draws more than 5,000 visitors annually. By the late 1920's, reports are that the vine was so robust that only the chimney of the original Trussell home shown here was visible. In 1931, the home collapsed under the weight of the 250 ton "Lavender Lady" and had to be rebuilt.