The Children of Amos D. Trussell and Sarah Reasoner

      The above photograph, taken in a Pasadena photographer's studio in 1883, shows the children of Amos Davis and Sarah Trussell about the time of the wedding of their daughter, Winona. Left to right in the back row are Ray, Jacob, and Calvin. Left to right in the front row are Winona, Harry, Dayton, and Constance [Pinky]. Ray eventually settled in San Pasqual, CA. Jacob was killed in a horse and buggy accident in Antelope Valley five years after this picture was taken. Calvin married Nellis Town and settled in Nestor, Ca until 1891 when he moved to Roseburg, OR. where he lived the remainder of his life. His oldest son, Ernest, lived to be more than 100 years old. Winona married Ed Jones. At first the Jones lived in a house that her father built for them in Sierra Madre, but in 1893, they sold the house to the Brugmans and moved to Monrovia. It was Emily Brugman that planted the now-famous Sierra Madre Wistaria Vine at that home in the spring of 1894. Harry lived most of his life in Los Angeles Co., first with his father, and later with his cousin, Clarence Jones. Harry worked for the Barker Brothers Furniture Company. Constance lived with her parents until her mid thirties, at which time she was declared mentally incompetent and put in a home.