The Original Deed to the Trussell Ranch in San Pasqual.

     James Kennedy sold his 80 acre ranch at the head of San Pasqual Valley to Amos D. Trussell in the Spring of 1887 for $5,000, $62.50 per acre. On this page is show a reproduction of the original deed. The land, the West half of the N.E. quarter of section 35, came with, "all water rights and priveleges pertaining to said lands". The latter turned out to be pretty important as the San Dieguito River ran right through the property and, for several decades, was one of the only live streams in San Diego County to do so. The pencil scribble on the top of the Recorder's form is interesting, "when recorded, mail to A. D. Trussell in Sierra Madre, Los Angeles Co.,Calif."