Map of Kansas/Nebraska Border where Davis and Sarah Trussell
and their Children Settled in 1869.

      In 1869, Davis and Sarah Trussell, like Amos and Laura before them, moved West following the footsteps of their inlaws. In this case the Reasoners had immigrated to Kansas along with other "Free Soilers" in the Mid-1850's in an effort to keep Kansas a free state. Davis' autobiography indicates that he was involved in farming and milling in Reserve [Brown Co. KS], and mercantile operations in Cloude and Osborne Counties. Later in 1876, the Trussells moved 15 miles to the North to Verdon [Richardson, Co, NB] where Davis ran a farm. It's not clear how they also maintained interests in Cloude and Osborne Counties as they are 155 and 170 miles to the west of Reserve.