Davis and Sarah Trussell

Davis and Sarah Trussell, taken aproximately 1887.

     Amos Davis Trussell and Sarah Harriett Reasoner were married on June 12, 1856 in Jackson, OH. Sarah was a native of Jackson and Davis had emigated to Ohio from New Hampshire with his family eighteen years earlier. After they were married, they lived near Racine, OH. where Davis ran a sawmill his family had established a few years earlier. In 1869, the couple emigrated to Reserve, KS. near where Sarah's parents had emigrated earlier. They lived in Reserve for seven years and then they moved a few miles north to Verdon, NB. The reason for this move is not clear. Eventually Sarah began to show respiratory problems, perhaps tuberculosis (notice the hankerchief in her left hand) , so in 1881, Davis, Sarah and their entire family of five boys and two girls moved to Sierra Madre, CA. Apparently the move did improve her health, as Sarah lived for another fourteen years before succumbing to a flu epidemic while living in San Pasqual Valley in 1895. Using the experience he had gained as a young man helping his Dad build a frame house for the Ohio Trussells, Davis built three houses for his family in Sierra Madre between 1881 and 1887 and another substantial frame farmhouse for his son Ray in San Pasqual in 1905. Davis died in Los Angeles, CA in 1921 at age 91 years. This picture was taken in approximately 1887 when both were in their late 50's.