The Area in Ohio Where the Trussell Family Settled
     In 1839, Amos and Laura Trussell emigrated to Ohio to live on a section of land near the present location of Long Bottom, OH. The land was given to the family by Laura's brother Shorah. In its original condition, it was heavily forested so the Trussells rented a large, prosperous farm on the Virginia side of the River for two years while they cleared a portion of their forest on the Ohio side. By the Spring of 1844 they'd cleared enough land and had constructed a log cabin about a story and one half in height and the family moved in. It took until the end of the summer to build the fireplace so in the meantime, the family did its cooking on an open fire. The children all grew up with fond memories of long conversations around that open firepit. Soon the Trussells built a sawmill near the River at Racine and, as a result, built a more conventional frame farmhouse. The Trussell farm prospered and the twelve children spread all over the United States. Ralph Trussell, a descendent of Amos and Laura still lives near the original Long bottom site.