Billesley Manor

Billesley Manor
Stratford Upon Avon

    Perhaps there is no place in merry old England that is more strongly associated with the history of the Trussell name than Billesley.  Today the manor is a very posh hotel with 41 guest rooms, 11 acres of grounds, tennis, swimming, and croquet. Depending on the report, the Estate was either directly granted to the Trussell Family by William the Conqueror or it was acquired by the Trussells from the Earl of Warwick in the year 1158 A.D.  In any case, the estate was the headquarters for the Trussells for more than 400 years.  It is reported that the Trussells were of hardy yoeman stock and that they gained and retained their holdings with sword and might.  As a result Billesley passed in and out of their control during that time.  In 1215 they lost control for being  among the Barons that forced King James to sign the MagnCarta, but they were back by 1235.  In 1265 they again lost control after supporting Simon de Montfort in the Battle of Evesham. Not long thereafter it was under Trussell control again where it remained until 1592 when the Crown again siezed it, charging Sir Thomas Trussell of highway robbery.  It is reported that Wm. Shakespeare was a frequent visitor.

Location of Billesly Manor in England
Location of Billesley Manor in England

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