The San Pasqual Trussells

Ray Trussell
Escondido, CA
Ray Trussell, center, in Escondido, CA 1932

A brief description of the origin and history of the
Trussell Family which settled in San Pasqual
Valley in the Late 19th Century

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  • Authors Introduction

Chapter One - Origin of the Trussells
  • Introduction
  • Ancient Europe
  • England and Billesley
  • Exploits of the Billesley Trussells
  • The Fall of the Billesley Trussells

Chapter Two - The Trussells in New England
  • Arrival to the promised land
  • Henry and Ft. Louisbourg
  • Moses and Jane Trussell of Plaistow,NH.
  • Moses Trussell and the Battle of Bunker Hill
  • Moses’ Brother James

Chapter Three - Major Amos and Laura Trussell:
  • Westward Migration Begins
  • Amos, Son of James
  • Amos Meets Laura Jewett, Life in New Hampshire
  • Amos and Laura Begin the Journey West
  • Starting in Ohio

Chapter Four - Davis and Sarah Trussell:
  • Westward Migration is Completed
  • Amos Trussell, Early Life
  • Amos Marries Sarah Reasoner of Jackson, OH.
  • In 1869, The Trussells Move to Kansas
  • The Move to California Begins
  • Sierra Madre in 1881
  • Sierra Madre’s First Marriage
  • The Southern California Land Boom
  • The Trussells Move to Smaller House, Invest in Land
  • Land Boom Goes Bust, Hard Years

Chapter Five - Ray and May Trussell: Settling in Otay
  • Ray Trussell’s Early Years
  • A Visit to Missouri
  • Real Estate Business in Otay
  • Marriage Journey
  • Life on the Otay Plateau
  • Early Visits to San Pasqual
  • First Child, Mary
  • Ray’s Good Business Sense
  • Hard Times, Cal and Date Move to Oregon
  • The Tiajuana Flood of 1891
  • Ray and the “Water Agitation

Chapter Six - The Move to San Pasqual Valley
  • Moving to San Pasqual
  • The First Trussell Home
  • Ray Prospers
  • Ray Tries Raising Hogs
  • Ray and May Move to Escondido, Find No Water
  • Sarah Trussell Dies

Chapter Seven - Life in San Pasqual Valley
  • The Dairy Business
  • The Cypress Tree and the Postman
  • The New House
  • Floods
  • The San Pasqual Bridge
  • The Upper Valley’s Water System
  • The Sanjero
  • Upgrading the Irrigation System
  • Swimming in San Pasqual Valley
  • Pumping Water
  • Hot and Cold Running Water
  • Christmas
  • The San Marcos Ranch, The Trussell Brother’s Dairy
  • San Pasqual Schools
  • Transportation: Horses to Automobiles
  • Electricity and Telephones
  • Tragedy and Celebration
  • Escondido
  • Politics
  • Old Time Hooky Cop
  • Cousins
  • The Manure Spreader and the Skiploader
  • More Tractor Stories
  • Early Visits
  • Guns
  • Blondie

  • Story of the Early Years - Harriet Trussell
  • The Story of Moses Trussell
  • Letter from Amos and Laura
  • So. Calif. History - 1889
  • About the Author

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