Rick's Java Page

Have fun trying these Java applets out. I worked hard to make them safe to use. If you have trouble with Netscape_3.0 hanging on a Mac, typing <-option-><-command-><-esc-> . That will terminate it and unhang your Mac.


My first Munching Squares Applet. Its Mac Safe! Test your system's process scheduler with my Bouncing Ball applet. Each ball is in a thread.
Color Version of Munching square's
Use Sun's Appletviewer or IE-3 on a Mac.
Netscape-3.0 will Hang on a Mac!!!
 Munching Squares with Switch Register. This was 4 Istruction on the DEC. PDP-1  Here's one of my first Etch-&-Schetch Applets. See if the "clear" button" erases screen or just itself.


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