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Afternoon Light Pacific Grove
Lovers Point Beach
Sea Diamonds

Afternoon Light in Pacific Grove
     # 484       SOLD

14" x 11 "     oil on linen board
The rosea iceplant drapes over the cliffs
in Pacific Grove in the spring creating
a lovely blanket of color.

   Lovers Point Beach      
# 487

8" x 8"    oils on linen board
 Painted in plein air at Lovers Point
in Pacific Grove

Sea Diamonds
# 472

11" x 14 "    oils
I painted this on location near Lovers Point
during the Big Blue Live Painting Competition
and it was juried into the show at the
Musuem of Monterey

Afternoon Walk

Afternoon Walk
# 411

oils       9" x 12"

This was painted in plein air along the coastal
path near Lover's Point in Pacific Grove

Pride of Madera
# 267

oils        12" x 9"
Painted on location along the coast in Pacific Grove. The rosea ice plant and the Pride of Madera was in full bloom.

Wind Swept Cypress
# 288

9" x 12"        oils
This was painted on location at one of the turn-outs west of Lovers Point.


Rosea Path     # 236
       8" x 10" NFS
I painted on location at in Pacific Grove along the coast. The rosea iceplant was in full bloom.

Surf Board Lesson ...# 235
      11" x 14"      NFS
I watched as this father was teaching his son to use the surf board.

Spring Color in
Pacific Grove    # 312

12" x 9"       pastels       SOLD
This is the Pride of Madera which blooms along the coast and is especially beautiful near Lovers Point.

Toward Lover's Point      # 247
oils       8" x 10"
Pacific Grove Coast     # 244
oils      8" x 10"
Pacific Grove Cliffs     # 245
      12" x 16"       SOLD
Along the Coast     # 262
oils      8" x 10"    NFS
Lovers Point, Pacific Grove    # 16
oils 8" x 10"        SOLD
Lazy Day at Lovers Point    # 261
oils         8" x 10"
Pacific Grove Morning     # 246
oils 8" x 10"        SOLD
Yellow In at Lovers Point     # 260
oils       14" x 11"
Low Tide       # 259
oils       20" x 16"         SOLD
Point Pinos Lighthouse,
Pacific Grove    # 321

oils       9" x 12"
A Shady Spot by the Sea    # 275
oils       9" x 12"     SOLD
Pacific Grove Sunset Rocks #2
# 315

oils       8" x 10"    SOLD
Reading at Lovers Point      # 320
oils       9" x 12"
This was painted in Pacific Grove at Lover's Point.
I was painting this scene when this guy spread out his
towel and began to read. So I figured I would add him
to the painting!

Cypress and Iceplant     # 335
10" x 8"        oils

Painted on location just west of Lovers Point.


Rocky Coast      # 352
oils       6" x 8 "     SOLD

A Painted House     # 332
12" x 9"        oils
I painted this Victorian house on location near the central park in Pacific Grove.
What a colorful house!
Sunlight on the Sea
Sunlight on the Sea
# 441

oils     12" x 9 "
This was painted near Asilomar Beach

Point Pinto Lighhouse
A Day by the Bay
Lighthouse From Crespi Pond    # 425
watercolors        NFS
A Day By the Bay      # 465
oils        9" x 12" 
This was painted in Pacific Grove looking toward
the Monterey Bay Aquarium
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To see more PG paintings check out my Daily Paintworks Gallery

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