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The Salinas Valley
Monterey Co., CA
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Spring Mix Lettuce Fields

I was one of the artists who were allowed to paint in the lettuce fields in Salinas as part of a fundraiser for Nativadad Medical Center. It was an amazing day. The fields were planted with what the farmer called “Spring Mix” with four types of lettuce in a row to make harvesting easier. Such color!

Natividad Show Award

This pastel won the Patron Award 2013
Spring Mix Lettuce Fields
# 401


pastels 19" x 37"




Radicchio Field

Harvesting Radicchio    # 402
oils       12" x 16"
When I visited this farm on the outskirts of Salinas the radicchio was in the middle of being harvested. I was fascinated by the workers and how hard they worked picking and boxing up the radicchio lettuce. They were all in various poses which seemed animated to me for my painting.

Radiccio Field, Just Harvested    # 403
oils        9" x 12"
When I visited this farm on the outskirts of Salinas the radicchio was in the middle of being harvested. Radicchio is an interesting lettuce which is added to lettuce bag mixes. I liked the old truck and farm house in the distance, so I had to get them into my painting too. The farmer stopped by to chat and told me he was raised in that house.
Farm Down the Hill

Old House on River Road

Farm Down the Hill     # 254
oils     16" x 20 "
Old House on River Road      # 289
oils       9" x 12"
Salinas Valley Lettuce Farm

Above the Salinas River

Salinas Valley Lettuce Farm       #404
oils        9" x 12"
This was the plein air painting painted on location. I worked from this painting and my photographes for the larger pastel at the top of this page.

Above the Salinas River     #424
oils      12 " x 16"
This was the view I saw of the Salinas Valley from the county dump!
The views were wonderful, but they would not let me paint there, so it is painted from my photographs.
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Updated   May  2017