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"I am so happy to be able to purchase the paintings.  I recognized the two road paintings immediately, you truly captured the beauty of the California foot hills.  I also think that VISTA POINT NEAR PATTERSON so perfectly portrays the Central Valley in all its spendor.  I've looked for an original piece that sums up my childhood home, where I played in the orchards and swam in the canals, and this is it.  It's an awesomely beautiful painting. ..... Your paintings bring back wonderful memories of family drives to Sonora, Yosemite, etc. .... Thank you so much, I assure you your "babies" will be loved and cherished!  " R. B. - La Jolla

"....... Your art work first came to my attention on the Central California Art Center site. I have been admiring your works for quite some time. Recently, on one of my "window shopping" trips on the internet, I came across the Pinecrest Lake paintings. I was impressed how you captured the essence of the family vacation at the Lake. ..... The paintings that you have done of the coastal scenes are beautiful, too. I have visited those places many times. I also think that I will eventually have to have one of your foothill works or a Yosemite piece. It seems that you have pretty much "documented" my 31 years of life in California. It is a real pleasure to view your works and I regret that I will not be in California to visit your showing." ..... M. R. --- Beatty, Oregon

"So, to the paintings, it is sooooo difficult to choose. I just love your paintings.    If I was rich, I would just take them all and not bother trying to choose, but reality reigns."  N. L. - Saratoga, CA

"The paintings arrived today, well packed, and in great condition. Rhett, they are so beautiful. I am just enchanted. Honestly, I don't know how you part with them. You are so incredibly talented. Of course I knew they would be more beautiful than the internet pictures, but they are truly stunning. The colors, the details, the depth, the subjects.....you just feel like you could walk right in. They are magical, and I will treasure them always...... I can't decide which one I like the most. I think it is the one I am viewing at the moment. I may just make a "California" wall and group them all together with the pumpkins. Originally, I thought the pumpkins would just come out in the fall as I often change paintings on the wall, but they have never come down. I look at them every day and smile"....... N.L. Saratoga, CA

"Upon receiving the postcard I went to your website and thoroughly enjoyed looking at your work. A year ago in September we purchased "The Old Red Shed" and "Pacific Grove Morning" from the Lyons Head Gallery in Carmel Valley...we love them so much. I also appreciated your sweet note right after our purchase..... Your work is wonderful. "........ J. A. Houston, Texas.

"Ms. Owings: Was in Spencer's and bought Coastal Beach. [note card] Your colors are so beautiful." ..... L. K.

"Love your work. The paintings are beautiful ! " .... .... L. G.

"Where can I see your paintings in either the Monterey County or Sonoma County? I live in the Sonoma County, just north of San Francisco, but visit Pacific Grove often... I bought a few cards of your paintings in Pacific Grove, and gave both to my husband and he also fell in love with your paintings." ........ J.R.

"I just got home today and the paintings were here waiting for me. Thanks so much. They're even nicer in person! I will certainly love hanging them and appreciate all the work that went into creating them." C. B. - South Hamilton, MA

"Dear Ms. Owings, I was just at our local Borders here in Monterey...and saw your fabulous card display for the first time...I purchased the Point Lobos card for a couple that I adore who go to China Cove every weekend. I do staging here on the Peninsula...and your work would fit in to any of my homes! Just beautiful. I wish you had a line of prints, I would use you in every home I do. Sincerely, B.A." --- Carmel, Ca

."Hi Ms. Owings, I love your paintings of the California foothills. I would like to purchase the foothill road series note cards for my Mother in Law who grew up on a ranch in that area." C. A. ---- Austin, Texas

"I would love to let you know that your paintings are wonderful! I will work on painting for my portfolio as you mentioned, and hopefully be able to utilize the medium as well as you do. " A. K.

"Dear Rhett, Your paintings are WONDERFUL !!!!!! My youngest son is an artist too. He went to John Herron School of Fine Arts in Indianapolis . He has won a lot of shows too Art is a true gift of God.......and you surely have it. :) " ......... F. C

"Dear Ms. R Owings, Your paintings are wonderful. I was looking at your 'Central Valley' art: Valley field; Valley farm; Valley Canal." ....... E. H. Modesto, CA

"The owner of our gallery .... saw your greeting cards in a gallery in Modesto and liked your work. We were wondering if you would be interested in showing some of your paintings in our upcoming gallery show beginning in October. ... Golden Oak Gallery is located in Saratoga, CA (south bay area). "

Comments on Sonora Pass Meadow
"Rhett, This is a lovely oil painting, and you have other good ones on your site." ---- G. B. - Hiawassee, GA

Comments on Around the Bend
"Beautiful landscape, all your painting gallery is wonderful!" --- E. P. --- Lyon, France
"i went through all your paintings. you are very talented!" - D.D.T. -- Mumabai, India
"I really like the colors you chose for this." - N. G. -- Santa Ana, CA

Comments on The Wall
"Very good! Impressionists light and touch!" --- L. B. --- Partille, Sweden

Comments on The Strawberry Shed
"thank you for your comment and I have to say it means even more coming from such a talented artist. i love everything about this you have captured light and dark perfectly' -- J.H. - Stockbridge, GA
"The mood and sensitivity is powerful, Great work!" ---- S. H. --- Modesto, CA

Comments on Rosea Path
"Very lovely work of art Rhett Regina Owings." --- K.D. --- Arlington, WA
"Rhett, this is such a lovely scene. Great composition. Just beautiful!! Nice work!" --- M.R. --- Mesquite, TX
"Stunning" --- J. H. --- Stockbridge, GA
"Caught my eye with the peaceful colors" --- J. F. --- Saratoga, CA
"Beautiful piece" --- B. U. --- Tibberton, UK
"So So inviting and comfortable. I love this!" ---- S. H. --- Modesto, CA

Comments on Whalers Cove, Point Lobos
"I like the feel in this painting, especially the nice smooth transitions that you have accomplished. Keep up the good work!" -- J.R. - Modesto, CA
"I like the way I can easily move into this composition and remain there. It has a wonderful fresh and plein air feel!" --- S. J. - Mount Vernon, WA

Comments on Beach Walk
"Very nice color and composition." -- S. E. --- Central Point, OR

Comments on My Audience
"Love this painting! Often have this feeling with the birds when I'm out plein air painting. You captured it beautifully." -- Q. S. --- Portland, OR

Comments on The Color of Fall
"Beautiful pastel, I like this one" -- J.H. - Stockbridge, GA
"Nice work, love the contrast of color." -- S. E. --- Central Point, OR
"I love the color. You have used a perfect combination of yellow and blue" --- S. J. - Mount Vernon, WA
"This is a very eye-catching landscape. Wonderful!" --- R.O. --- Pittsburg, CA

Comments on Fishing at Kennedy Meadows
"Rhett, very refreshing painting and great work in your gallery!" -- D.M. -- Boiling Springs, PA
"Really lovely painting. ..fresh and loose" -- A. W. -- Menlo Park, CA
"I love the colors you used in this [painting] and your shadows and reflections are wonderful." - N. G. -- Santa Ana, CA

Comments on Stairway at Carmel Mission
"this is excellent!" - D.D.T. -- Mumabai, India
"excellent light and shadow" W. J. - Richmond, VA

Comments on The Surf Board Lesson
"very nice work" -- A.Y. --- Istanbul, Turkey
"Lovely" --- B. U. -- Tibberton, UK

Comments on Along the Coast
"You have some very wonderful color choices here!" R. S. - Los Angeles, CA
"What a beautiful landscape, Rhett! I love it! You really captured and expressed wonderfully!!!" X. Z. - Santa Clara, CA
"What wonderful colors! " --- D.N. - San Jose, CA
"I love the colors especially the use of pink and how you take the eye around the canvas with just enough and
have used it to embrace the figures" --- S. J. - Mount Vernon, WA
"Nice water / landscape" --- C.S. - Peru, IN
"Incredibly beautiful work. Would love to have it in the new group Our World Gallery." - L. S. - Pueblo, CO
"Beautiful seascape! " -- N. J. - Roseburg, OR
"Sheer poetry! A masterful and deeply engaging painting!" - D. S. - Encampment, WY
"gorgeous painting Rhett, I love the colors, is this by Pillar point?" B.P. - South Lake Tahoe, CA
"Love the ambiance! " - B. MP - Oakdale, CA

Comments on Rocks and Reflections
"Very nice Painting the shoreline has much movement " -- J.H. - Stockbridge, GA
"Excellent" - W. J. Richmond, VA
"A lovely seaside painting. You have beautiful work." - P. C. - Bishop, CA

Comments on Beekman Lavender Field
"Beautiful painting infinite happiness Rhett, nam-myo-ho-renge-kyo." J.W. - Duluth, MN

Comments about Lavender Hollow Farm
"I like your style. lovely landscapes!" --- DDT, Mumbai, India
"Beautifully composed. Lovely colours" -- BU - United Kingdom
"I love the feel, colors, and I want to walk through this place" -- P.C. Bishop, CA
"love the simplicity of the painting. It's very inviting." --- L. R. -- San Carlos, CA

Updated   May  2017