Selma Wight Beard

Artist, painter, student, teacher

Selma Beard
Selma at home on holiday at Casa Weiss in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico 2003

Selma Wight Beard is a life long artist, student and teacher of art.
From her early years in Atlanta, she stood at the studio doors
of her mother , Rebecca Stewart Wight,
and her grand mother, Selma Hahr Stewart and yearned for the brush.
Mrs. Beard is from a long line of artists traceable to 16th century Sweden.
These talents were brought to America by her ancestor Franz Joseph Hahr in the 19th century.
Selma studied fine art at the Women's College in Tallahassee, Florida, now known as Florida State University.
Her eyes were opened to abstract art one summer afternoon spent with Jackson Pollack at his studio on Long Island.
She was very impressed by his freedom of expression and they way he described to her the logic behind his work.
Selma got her brush and has been painting or making ceramics and enamels going on 70 years.
Along the way she has studied with many revered artists at many schools of art around the country while following her husband through his military career and raising 4 children.
Today she still teaches art in her Buckhead studio in Atlanta and has created an impressive and beautiful series of paper collages. Selma divides her time between Atlanta and St. Simons Island, Georgia

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