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Welcome to

The Sasha® Page!

A Doll Page by Rebecca Pavley


Hello my name is Sasha®. I am a doll who loves to make new friends.


This is me!


Check out my web site!

Sasha Photos - May 1998
Frequently Asked Questions
Sasha Pen Pals
Where to Buy
Cool Links
Foster Kittens





Sasha® Doll is a proprietary trademark of Götz-Puppenfabrik GmbH and is used under exclusive license from the Inheritance Community of Sasha Morgenthaler.

Horray! The Mining Company chose my page as one of the "Best of the Net" at their Doll Collectiong Guide site.

The author, Rebecca Pavley, can be reached through e-mail at: rpavley@earthlink.net

Allow for up to several months for a response. I have a repetitive strain injury - so e-mails are typed by my very busy husband.

BEFORE writing, please check my Frequently Asked Questions and the Where to Buy pages. You will find the answers to many of your questions there. Also check for information on the other Sasha sites such as Joe and Kelly's Sasha Page and Susanna Lewis' Sasha Page. These folks can probably answer a question faster than I can. Please feel free to send messages that don't require a reply.

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