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To explore the relative roles and potentials of the public and private sectors in the provision of infrastructure, especially roads.

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B.Sc.(Hons.)(Engineering), Imperial College, London, 1948.

M.A.(Hons.)(Economics), University of Cambridge, 1954.

Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers.

Member of the Chartered Institute of Transport.


Engineer in the Dock and Harbour office of Sir William Halcrow & Partners, Consulting Civil Engineers, London. (1952 to 1956).

Rees Jeffreys Fellow at the UK Road Research Laboratory, investigating the Economic Benefits from Road Improvement. (1956 to 1959).

Research Officer at the Department of Applied Economics, University of Cambridge, investigating the Economics of Car Parking. Served on a Ministry of Transport Committee investigating the economic and technical possibilities of pricing the use of congested urban roads. (1959 to 1963).

Transport Economics Consultant, advising bus companies, urban planners, the British Road Federation, and (as a member of the team reviewing the transport sector in the Eastern Region of India) the World Bank. (1963 to 1967).


Transport Economist in World Bank specializing in pricing, regulation, forecasting and urban issues; working on (inter alia):

Transport sector reviews in Bangladesh, Korea, Nigeria, and Papua New Guinea; and Urban transport in Bangkok, Bogota, Caracas, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, and Singapore.

The urban transport work included design and supervision of a road pricing study for Caracas, comparisons of mass transport modes in Bangkok and Singapore, and the development of simplified procedures (pioneered by Yacov Zahavi) to forecast modal splits. (1967 to 1979).

Lecturer in the Economic Development Institute of the World Bank. organized and directed its first course on urban transport; Teaching and directing courses and seminars for officials from developing countries in Washington DC, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Turkey. (1979 to 1983).

Economist in the Studies Division of the Economic Development Institute of the World Bank, engaged in writing a book on "Private Provision of Public Services in Developing Countries", the services covered being education, electricity supply, health, telecommunications, urban transport and water supply. (1984 to 1986).


The Services Group is a consulting firm specializing in market-oriented approaches to economic development. In addition to serving as President, had specific responsibility for work in the transportation sector, which included:

Assistance to US local authorities to enable independent transit operators to group together to provide high-quality, low-cost route service;

Advice to World Bank financed Study on Vehicle Fleet Modernization and Road Use Charges in India (including a review of experience with the operation of Heavy Vehicles in the USA);

Assistance to Government of Jordan to privatize and reorganize bus services in Amman; and

Participation in the development of non-stop toll collection on the Dulles Toll Road, in the Washington, DC area.


Consultant on transportation, and on private sector roles in development; assignments included:

- In 1989, review for the Urban Mass Transportation Administration of the possibilities private financing of public transport in US cities;

- In 1989, study, for The World Bank, on the status of privatization research;

- In 1989, review, for The International Center for Economic Growth, of the prospects for privatizing infrastructure services in Argentina;

- In 1990, review, for USAID, of the prospects for the privatization of infrastructure and utilities in Thailand;

- In 1990-91, participation in seminars in Poland, financed by the UNDP, on the private provision of bus public transport and other public services.

- In 1990-92, review and preparation of two "Occasional Papers", for the Inter-American Development Bank, of privatization of transport services in Latin America, with special reference to privatization activities in roads, railroads and ports in Mexico and Argentina;

- In 1992, review, for USAID, of the possibilities of privatizing the maintenance of road maintenance equipment in Indonesia.

- In 1993, review, for the International Institute, USDA Graduate School, of possibilities of upgrading economics courses at the Tashkent State University for Economics, Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

- In 1994, participation in a B-O-T workshop in Hanoi, financed by UNIDO and UNDP, advising staff of the State Committee for Co-operation and Investment how to attract private capital for the improvement of public infrastructure.

- In 1994, review, for the Government of New Zealand, proposals to commercialize road systems in New Zealand.

- In 1994, review, for the Government of Sri Lanka, of the operations of private and 'Peoplised' buses in Sri Lanka.

- In 1994, review, for USAID, of the progress of infrastructure privatization in Sri Lanka.

- In 1995, Assist in a review, for the Inter-American Development Bank, of infrastructure in ten Caribbean countries, and the possibilities of improvement, using private sector forces.

- In 1996, Advise on the preparation, by Louis Berger International, of the economic evaluation for the proposed 35-mile bridge to connect Uruguay to Argentina.

- In 1998, Leader of ARD team to assist USAID to prepare a technical assistance program for India to remove constraints on private sector investment in energy, ports and roads.

- In 1999, Leader of a USAID-financed AGILE team in Manila designing a simplified and integrated system of road user charges for the Philippines.


Founder and first chairman, Workgroup on Private Sector Roles in Development,
                Society for International Development, Washington DC Chapter.

Board Member, Local Government Center of the Reason Foundation, Los Angeles, California.

Research Fellow, the Independent Institute, Oakland, California.

Honorary Corresponding Member, Academia de Ciencias, Invencion, Ingenieria e Investigacion, Mexico.


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