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Above is Grand Champion Yum Bayeux, France. She is a ruddy Somali and she received her title from the Cat Fanciers Association or CFA. She has the coat of a Somali but the personality of an Abyssinian. She loves to beg food; if you are eating, she is interested.


After growing up on a farm with cats as my friends and playmates, I became interested in Abyssinians and went to a cat show in Santa Monica, Ca with a red male. While there I became entranced with two beautiful ruddy Somalis. I started with a red male Somali and a blue male Abyssinian, from which came my fawn and blue Somalis.
My first blue and fawn Somalis, both from the same litter, were the first CFA Grand Champions.


My kittens are treated as part of the family and they sleep with me, although when they are at the stage when they want to play every two hours all night long, I move out. They never go out side.
Kittens do not leave until at least thirteen weeks of age and usually older as it is my responsibility to find the best home for each.
Kittens go to their new homes with a negative FeLv test and a contract which stipulates that they will be spayed or neutered.
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