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Marty is a fawn Somali. He is a very loving cat. His color is as bright as the picture. He is a big cat. He loves the shows now but it has taken him months to decide to have a good time. However, he still meows and carries on on the way to the shows and back.


This is Kisa, a ruddy spay Somali born March 21, 1996. She is a replacement, who was placed immediately to a home which was not good for her. She is a timid cat who is accostumed to be treated gently. When she came back, she was hissing and batting at me, now she is only concerned when I pick her up. She is sweet and likes to be combed and plays with a kitty tease. She is on 'Slim' to reduce her weight about two pounds. I will have to check out her new home.

This is a fawn female Somali kitten, born, September 25, 2002. She is a true blonde; she is a little dumb but she has a good time. She is a very loving cat but will probably be a cat which is very loyal to her people but might not be outgoing to visitors. She is sweet and loves playing with a kitty tease. She has recovered from her spay and is gaining weight and continuing her growth.




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