July 5, 2005 [Tuesday]

THE LEGENDARY KXOL HAS MADE QUITE A MOVE Love to find out where some of our legendary radio station call letters wind up after being discarded. Ft. Worth's KXOL AM headed far west to Brigham City, Utah which blankets the metro Salt Lake City area. This means that 1360 has moved to the far right, almost off the dial at 1660 kc. The newest KXOL has a great format - Oldies. KXOL FM's original spot on the dial in Cowtown was 99.5. The FM dial has reeled the famous KXOL call sign back in. Spanish Broadcasting Service guides KXOL FM Stereo (96.3) where it presently resides in Los Angeles. Apparently KXOL FM shines a powerful bright beam, El Sol 96 Tu Nuevo Amor, as it sparkles with Spanish Adult Contemporary Ballads. Why even Australia now has a KXOL which is headquartered in Sydney. PETER HOGAN, who owns and operates the Kings Cross Online (KXOL) Property Limited website ( kxol.com.au ), tells us that KXOL gets hits from all over the world. Where did the idea for HOGAN's KXOL come from? PETER says, Bumping into so many people that couldn't find what they were looking for is the guiding light behind the idea. So, HOGAN decided to help out. PETE summarizes, KXOL is like a movie critic, if it's a good movie, tell other people about it. That's PETER's approach to listings on his website. Unprecedented development has made Kings Cross 2011 Australia's most densley populated postcode, which includes Potts Point, Elizabeth Bay, Rushcutters Bay and Woolloomooloo or what many refer to as Australia's inner east. The Kings Cross 2011 zipcode has 17,407 people per square kilometre and is growing fast. PETER says The 2011 area is officially Australia's No.1 destination. So it needs a comprehensive, find-it-fast, up-to-date, informative web directory - devoted soley to the hamlet. Eventually HOGAN relates that he will be adding Video to Kings Cross Online. PETE states that Kings Cross Online presents pretty good benefits. Peter declares that his KXOL website is generally an inexpensive way to cover the global planet with promotion of one's business. So, in a way, you could now be correct in announcing that KXOL's coverage area has been dramatically enhanced way beyond the confines of Ft. Worth.
JOHN ROOK (Northern ID)
jr@johnrook.com Jim, I'm semi retired, just consult a couple of national syndicated talk shows. Living on my little sliver of paradise here in north Idaho where I've been for 23 years now. Given today's satellites and the internet, I keep pretty much up to date on everything including watching most all of the local TV from the major cities. It's wonderful being in the country, away from the big cities and doing pretty much what I want to do when I want to do it. jr
ROOK has done what a lot of us would like very much to do - escape from big city traffic congestion.
jimmyrabbitt@hotmail.com Subject: now you know! Jim, I'll bet a lot of people have wondered how a teen-aged kid from Tyler got a job at KLIF...now you know! Thanks again Uncle Charlie!!!
cpayne47@sbcglobal.net Jim, You probably don't know, but JIMMY RABBITT was hired by me at KLIF. He came into my office as EDDIE PAYNE of Tyler. Left as JIMMY RABBITT KLIF. C'est la vie. CP in Big D
If CHARLES PAYNE can get away with giving EDDIE PAYNE a bold new name like JIMMY RABBITT, guess it was A-OK for my friend ED MILTON to step up the plate in the 1960s and give another buddy a new airname.
esmiller@swbell.net Subject: Randy Ryder. Jim, Read with interest your reference to "The Big R," Randy Ryder, with whom we both worked at KPCN-730 in Dallas back in the 1960's, and his obsession with secretiveness. Indeed, he wanted to make sure back then than no one knew his real name or that his address was a nice home in the Preston Hollow area of Dallas. His real name is Shelby Thomas Brown, which he strongly believed was not a moniker likely to impress the ladies and other audience members. Spinning off the old Red Ryder comic book character, we created the airname Randy Ryder, which we felt had a certain resonance to it. Last I saw the Big R was about 20 years ago, when my late father Giles Miller and I went out to see him, and stood around chatting with him in the back room of the Baskin Robbins ice cream parlor he was running out in the suburb of Duncanville, south of Dallas. As much of a natural on-air talent as Randy Ryder was, I never did understand why he left radio for ice cream without ever looking back. Ed Milton 
Yes, I've kept my pal RANDY RYDER's real name a secret for decades. Last time I saw RYDER was at that same Basken-Robbins when I visited mom in Duncanville. That was around 1973. A mystery to me, too, why such a fine radio talent could just walk away from radio.
themofc@earthlink.net Subject: Funny Stories. THE POWER OF THE JOCK. In 1980, the playlists were tight, the categories few, and radio could burn a song in no time. I was working at KITY in my hometown of San Antonio, where there was a good fight for domination, with five Top 40 stations. One Saturday afternoon, it was the same grind...playin' the hits, and waiting for your shift to end. Across the hall was the legendary KONO, and across town was the mighty KTSA, and their sister station KTFM. Toss in KZ100, and you've got some radio bastards shoving the hits down your throat. I saw that SECOND TIME AROUND by SHALAMAR was coming up. Boy, by that time it was a recurrent, and definitely had that tune-out factor. Everyone on the planet could name that tune in one note. All anyone had to hear was that first synthesized drum beat, and it was likely that they would push a button, or spin that dial on their home stereo, to find something else. I went over to KONO control, and told GENTLEMAN JIM CARTER we ought to call the other stations, and all play the same song, at the same time. We called JOHNNY SHANNON at KTSA, LOOSE LIEF CALBERG at KZ100, and STEVE MICHAELS at KTFM, and told them we were going to play SECOND TIME AROUND. The agreed time was 1:30, and I fired off SECOND TIME AROUND, so did GENTLEMAN JIM, and so did the other guys. You know that most radio listeners had probably heard this song enough, and would reach for their radio to find something else. Well, when they did, they found the same song on all of their stations. Because the monitor was broken, the engineers had set up a regular home reciever. So, I started spinning that dial. I giggled like some demented evil scientist who had just made that great discovery. What a blast! I hit every one of the stations, and heard that song. It was something else. Then, the Hotline rang. It was Angela, our midday jock. She excitedly said "You're not going to believe this". But, yes I did. Ahhh...the power of the jock. Mark Carrillo KBEJ UPN2 San Antonio, Texas 
Speaking of GENTLEMAN JIM CARTER, recently asked JIM if he ever interviewed the PICKS, JOHN and BILL PICKERING, for his BUDDY HOLLY special?
JCarter536@aol.com Subject: Buddy Holly, John and Bill Pickering. No Jim I never did. I've heard of them of course but never had the pleasure. David Bigham was the only backup singer for Buddy that I ever interviewed. David was quite interesting in that one of the remarks he made alluded to the idea that Buddy's wife was the cause of the split of Buddy from the Crickets. The idea was that she seemed to try to separate Buddy from the rest of the band when they toured by having the guys ride on the bus and Buddy and she rode together. It appeared that she perhaps had the idea Buddy was the one doing the lion's share of the work and splitting all of their earnings three ways. She allegedly figured that Buddy AND her could have 100% of the earnings and didn't need the other guys by using studio musicians. She eventually allegedly drove a wedge between Buddy and his "buddies" and she allegedly got her wish. Women have a way of weaving a nasty web sometimes. Jim
Remember the British Invasion of the 1960s? How about Motown, Disco and New Wave? The latest craze in the 2000s is what I like to refer to as the Latino Invasion. Latium Entertainment is a new venture of former radio programmer CHARLES CHAVEZ which has made quite an impact on the music scene. Some of the hottest Latino performers in America today are produced and managed by CHAVEZ. Latium Entertainment can be accurately defined as the new Latino Motown.
Also of particular note, we have the annual Voodoo Festival in New Orleans, which takes place Halloween weekend October 29 and 30. On the current bill are NINE INCH NAILS, QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, BILLY IDOL, MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE, CAKE, THE FLAMING LIPS, THE BRAVERY, DIGABLE PLANETS, JOSS STONE and SOCIAL DISTORTION. More are to be added. Tickets go on sale July 8 at VoodooMusicFest.com .
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