This Cemetery is located just off Hwy 43 South of Pinola Ms. On Irving Jones Road. TWP 10N RNG 20W Sec 25. It is kept up by a 87 year old man (Mr. Irving Jones) that lives next door to it, at his own expense. You will note name spelling varies.



The Traylors and the
Drummonds (some spelled it with an "s", and others didn't
... but they're all the same family) came to Simpson County
in the 1820s and 1830's, and patented adjacent land.
James and Frances Drummonds were parents to William (who is
buried here, but has no stone), Margaret Traylor, Nancy
Weathersby, S. (Sebron) and Richard.  Two other sons were
killed in action, one (James) at Holly Springs, the other (John) at
Antietam.  William's wife's stone says simply, Mrs. M. A.
Drummonds - her given name was Margaret Ann.
Information submitted by Garrett B. Drummond May 1999