located in cow pasture close to Shiver's Ms. and the Fortenbeny family cemetery

Mary Elizabeth Berry b. Jan. 25 1857 d. Aug 1888 d/o ofWillis and Martha Myers Berry

Eli Myers b. Feb. 24 1803 SC d. June 20 1877

Elizabeth Beasley Myers b.April 22 1806 d.June 15 1879

Hanson M. Myers b. Feb. 15 1861 d.Sept. 30 1926

Missourie Elizabeth Dampeer Myers w/o of Hanson b. Nov.24 1961 d. Sept. 22 1912

Isham Myers s/o of Eli and Elizabeth Myers b.April 17 1831 d. Aug. 9 1915 Co.A 39th Inf CSA

Rebecca Myers w/o Isham b. Jan 23 1842 d. May 9 1906

Florence M. Myers d/o I &R Myers b. May 30 1868 d. Aug. 16 1870

Willis Berry h/o Mary Myers b.1830 d.1863 Co. A 39th Inf. CSA

Mary Myers Berry w/o Willis Berry b. May 10 1833 d. Sept. 16 1918

Maxie Myers d/o RR&S. Myers b. Jan 2 ??? d. July 21 1917

Susan Myers d/o I&R Myers Aug 23 d.age 7 months (as inscribed on stone)

Minerva Berry b. Jan 1859 d.Aug 15 1859

Also known to be buried here in unmarked graves according to Bible records of the Mississippi Genealogical Society submitted by Inez Myers Coleman

Michael Myers b. 1826 d. bef 1880 Co.A 39th Inf CSA

Francis Beasley w/o Michael Myers b. 1840

Martha Myers b. 1841 d. bef 1880

Louisa Myers b.1839 d. bef 1880

Byrd Myers b. 1841 d.Aug 26 1864-- Byrd was wounded in action Aug 19 1864 and died on the 26th in Ervin Military Hospital,Barnesille Ga. I researched this myself and am going to order an "in memoriam" stone to place in the family cemetery.

This information submitted by Robert Myers