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 This cemetery is located Near the Hopewell community, just off Hwy. 27, about 12 miles from Crystal Springs Mississippi, Township 1 North, Range 1 East, SE corner of section 6. This is the former site of the Hopewell Baptist Church. This is a well kept, clean cemetery that is maintained solely on donations of money and labor from outside sources.

The first listing, that I am aware of was done by Frances A. Cook, December 6, 1953. It was this listing that I used to start my update. After visiting some of the listed graves I discovered there were some errors in the existing list, so I decided to visit all the graves to confirm or correct the data. I found that in the 45 years since the first listing several of the headstones had become un-readable, so in my list I have included 2 more fields of data, the column labeled "V" means I visited the grave and confirmed the data. The column labeled "D" indicates the stone is damaged or deteriorated to the point it is not readable or at least won't be for much longer.

There are several unmarked graves in this cemetery, if you have proof of someone that is buried here in one of them, please submit the information and I will add their names to the list.

I have made every effort to provide 100% accuracy but I have undertaken this project without any help so it very possible I have made some mistakes or missed some graves, so any corrections, additions or comments are welcome.

Richard Neely