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This private cemetery is located on the D’Lo-Cato Road, approximately 3 miles north of D’Lo, Mississippi, near Bethel Methodist Church, within lands homesteaded by the family of Archibald Colquhoun in 1842.The Colquhoun Cemetery and the Sinclair Cemetery between the Colquhoun Cemetery and Bethany Methodist Church are maintained by Bethany Methodist Church.All individuals buried in the cemetery are related to the family descended from Archibald Colquhoun and his wife Flora Ray Colquhoun.The original spelling of the name was Colquhoun; gravestone evidence indicates the families began spelling the name as Calhoun after 1911.

Archibald COLQUHOUN, SRdouble stone with next

b.May 30, 1788

d.Sept. 12, 1851

Flora Ray

Wife of Archb COLQUHOUNdouble stone with prior

b.Sept. 9, 1799

d. May 18, 1870

“Father and Mother thou has from us flown”.

The stone is broken, but still legible. It does not mark the grave of this couple, who are buried in an old cemetery near Cato. When the old cemetery was allowed to grow up, roots of trees uprooted markers and many gravestones were removed, including this tombstone, which was later found by family members and brought to the Colquhoun Cemetery for safekeeping.

Genealogy: Archibald Colquhoun, son of Lauchlin and Mary Colquhoun of Cumberland Co, NC, and Flora Elizabeth Ray,probably the daughter of Angus Ray, a neighbor in NC, posted marriage bonds in Cumberland Co., NC 1/28/1817.They were the parents of 9 children:Maryb. 1818, Catharineb. 3/19/1821, Lauchlin b. 6/13/1823, John b. 6/1/1827, Annab. 1831, Flora b. 12/14/1833,Margaret b. 1837,Eliza b. 5/29/1838 and Archibald b. 10/15/1840.

Catharine COLQUHOUN,

wife of J. COLLINSON single marker with following 2

b.Mar 19, 1821

d.Oct. 31, 1903

John COLLINSONsingle marker with prior and following 

b.Apr. 5, 1816

d.Mar. 28, 1876

Archibald John

son of J. & C. COLLINSONsingle marker with prior 2

b.Mar. 1, 1861

d.Sept. 7, 1882

Four sided columnar monument; no grave.Three sides of the marker contains names and records above; the fourth side contains a poem:

Mother thou art now at homeAmong angels fair above

But yet below thy child must remain Till summoned by His love

Genealogy:Catharine Colquhoun, daughter of Archibald and Flora Ray Colquhoun, married John Collinson, a widower from North Carolina with a son: William Collinson. The couple were the parents of two children:Archibald John b. 3/1/1861 and Flora Annb. 1864, and also raised William Collinson b. 1844. 

Charlie T. CALHOUN

US. Marine Corps WWII

b.May 17, 1906

d.Jun. 2, 1984

Genealogy: Charlie Tillman Calhoun, son of James Archibald and Mary Millie Gibson Calhoun, married Geneva Rees, and they had one child: Russell Arthur Calhoun.

John COLQUHOUN (Masonic emblem above name)

b.June 1, 1827

d.Dec. 14, 1909

“An amiable father here lies at rest, he ever God with his image blest,

The friend of man, the friend of truth, the friend of age, the guide of youth”

Mary A. 

Wife of Jno. COLQUHOUN

b.Oct. 15, 1835

d.Dec. 11, 1884

“A loving wife, a mother dear, a faithful friend lies buried here”

Genealogy:John Colquhoun, son of Archibald and Flora Ray Colquhoun, married Mary Ann “Polly” Conerly, daughter of Cullen William and Levisa Lewis Conerly, on 12/05/1855 in Pike Co., MS., After her death John remarried; his second wife, Rosa Kendall, is not buried in the Colquhoun Cemetery, but is buried in the Slay plot in the Mendenhall Cemetery.John and Polly Conerly Colquhoun were the parents of 12 children:James Archibald “Jimmie” b. 9/03/1856,Charles Walton “Charlie” or “Walter” b. 2/16/1858, Levicie Catherine b. 2/25/1860, John Cullen b. 12/19/1861, Owen Lauchlin b. 7/17/1864, Mary Lucy b. 8/11/1866, Flora Elizabeth or Eliza b. 6/27/1868, Lenora Alice b. 8/14/1870, Silas Lee b. 2/16/1872, Harriet Ann “Hattie” b. 12/12/1873, William Marion b. 2/18/1876 and Robert Norman b. 11/03/1878. 

Levicie C.

Wife of A.A. PONDER

b.Feb. 25, 1860 

d.Apr. 19, 1891 

“As a wife devoted, as a mother affectionate, as a friend ever kind and true”

Genealogy.Levicie Catherine Colquhoun, daughter of John and Polly Conerly Colquhoun, married Alvin Anselum “Rip” Ponder, son of James Madison and Mary Polly Thomas Ponder; they had the following children: Mary Annb. 10/21/1878, Alice Viola b. 6/24/1880, John Alvin b. 1/30/1882, Mattie Lee b.12/31/1883, James Madison b.12/18/1885, Carrie Bell b. 11/07/1887, Sarah Eliza b. 8/02/1889.Rip Ponder is not buried in Colquhoun Cemetery.After Levicie’s death, he remarried, and is buried in County Line Cemetery, Rankin Co., MS beside his second wife, Isabel Stephens Ponder. Isabel “Bell” Stephens gave birth to the following children: Lacy b. 2/5/1896, Lona b. 10/1897, Thomas Roy b. 5/20/1898, Charlie Lowery b. 2/22/1901, Percy Powell b. 4/14/1904

Hattie Ann CALHOUN

b.Dec. 12, 1873

d. Nov. 4, 1954

“Asleep in Jesus”

Genealogy.Harriet Ann “Hattie” Calhoun, daughter of John and Polly Conerly Colquhoun, never married.She was blinded by typhoid fever when she was 14 years old.

William Marion CALHOUN“Papa”

b.Feb. 18, 1876 

d.Sept. 16, 1955 

“Rest is thine and sweet remembrance ours”

Lissie Ann CALHOUN“Mother”

b. June 14, 1879

d. Jan. 21, 1960

“Your memory is dear to us”

Genealogy.William Marion Calhoun, son of John and Polly Conerly Colquhoun, married Melissa Ann Shotts in 1898, and they had the following children:Estus Alford b. 2/7/1900, an unnamed infant b/d. 6/06/1904, William LeRoy b. 8/9/1905 and Elbert Conley b. 10/10/1910

Estus AlfordCALHOUN 

b. Feb. 7, 1900

d.Mar. 8, 1990

“His life a dedication – his memory an inspiration”

Genealogy:Estus Alford Calhoun, son of William Marion and Melissa Ann “Lissie” Shotts Colquhoun, never married.

Infant son of

W.M. & Lissie CALHOUN


d. 6/06/1904

Elbert Conley CALHOUN(Masonic emblem)

b.Oct. 10, 1910

d.Feb. 12, 1956

“Loved by God and Man”


b.Nov. 23, 1912

d.Dec. 30, 1979

Genealogy.Elbert Conley Calhoun, son of William Marion and Melissa Shotts Calhoun,married Madge Echols 11/7/1941.The couple had no children.

Ferlista Shotts WILLIAMS

b.June 14, 1879

d.Sept. 15, 1978

“at rest”

Genealogy.Ferlista Williams is the only person in the graveyard not directly related to a descendant of Archibald Colquhoun.She was the twin sister of Melissa Ann Shotts, who married William Marion Calhoun, both of whom are also buried in Colquhoun Cemetery. 


b.Sep. 3, 1856

d.Dec. 23, 1943


b.Jan. 12, 1868 

d.Nov. 2, 1948

Genealogy: James Archibald “Jimmie” Calhoun, son of John and Polly Conerly Colquhoun, married Mary Millie Gibson 10/09/1889; they had the following children: Mary Carolyn “Polly” b. 1/27/1892,Margaret Emery b. 1/03/1894,John Lewis b. 11/27/1895,Alice Estelle b. 11/12/1897, Ethel Lorena b. 7/22/1900, Robert Daniel “Dan” b. 10/23/1902 and Charles Tillman b. 5/17/1906

Zula Mae

Daughter of R.N. & M.C. COLQUHOUN

b. Aug. 10, 1909

d. Mar. 15, 1911

Genealogy:Zula Mae Colquhoun, daughter of Robert Norman and Martha Columbia “Lummie” Catron Colquhoun/Calhoun, died in a flu epidemic in Simpson County.



b.Dec. 28, 1910

d. Jan. 25, 1911

Genealogy:George Harrison Colquhoun, son of Robert Norman and Martha Columbia “Lummie” Catron Colquhoun/Calhoun died in a flu epidemic in Simpson County. 


b.Jan. 3, 1873

d.Apr. 20, 1960


b.Nov. 10, 1889

d.July 6, 1982

Genealogy.Jessie Laughlin McIntyre, son of John and Margaret Colquhoun McIntyre, married Ada Edocie Albritton around 1910; they had the following children:Nerta Ree b. 1/3/1911, Alton Laughlin b. 7/7/1915, and Orville Lafayette, date unknown.

Nerta Ree 

Dau. of J.L. & A.E. McINTYRE

b.Jan. 3, 1911

d.Jun. 18, 1913

Genealogy.Nerta Ree McIntyre is the daughter of Jessie Laughlin and Ada Edocie Albritton McIntyre.

Alton L. McINTYRE(combined stone [single base] with following)

b.July 7, 1915

d.Oct. 16, 1989

Bradis McINTYRE(combined stone [single base] with previous)

b.May 26, 1926

Genealogy:Albert Laughlin McIntyre, son of Jessie Laughlin and Ada Edocie Albritton McIntyre married twice; first to Frances ___, and second to Bradis Bowen Toney.Her stone was incomplete as of 2001.