Epilog - Blog  -  Notes and Updates to Ron's Audio-Files
Welcome to the Epilog - Blog - News section.   My intention is to add periodic updates and indulge for a few paragraphs on some audio topic that interests me and I hope others too.
I've provided navigation links and summaries to my musings.   Enjoy.                        
revised 2-12-15
A new preamp joins the system.  Linn Majik Kontrol replaces Hafler DH110
Living with the Linn Majik preamp.  Transparent  &  Musical.
My commentary joins others on generally poor sounding "hi fi" media of today.
Simple Tweaks for Better Sound
Big Up-Grado. A new Reference Sonata-1 phono cartridge is added.
'll be listening to a lot more on vinyl these days.
Living with the Grado Reference Sonata1    Musical  &  Magical
Hot fun in the Summertime
A New Soundkeeper Recording
An MP3 Player ?
Computer Music - Surfing the .WAV of  Hi Res digital music
Computer Music - Surfing the .WAV    Part 2
iGrado for my iPlayer     Grado Labs Street Portable Headphones
Internet Streams   &   Record Resonances
Indolance  becomes  Indulgence
Paul Beaudry & Pathways   "Americas",   Another Great  Soundkeeper Release
Another Great Audio Society Meet-Up
Not Much Audio News......however...
Winds of Change -  Another Soundkeeper Recordings is Released