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 Millennial Madness

Confusion in Christian Music?

Recovering from the Recovery Movement

Strategies for Dialoguing with Atheists

The Debate Over Feminist Theology: Which View Is Biblical?

Black Theology, Black Power, and the Black Experience

Christian Revolution in Latin America: The Changing Face of Liberation Theology

The Christ of the New Age Movement

The Jesus of the New Age Movement

Esotericism and Biblical Interpretation

Enter The Dragon? Wrestling With The Martial Arts Phenomenon (Part One: The Historical-Philosophical Backdrop)

Enter the Dragon? Wrestling with the Martial Arts Phenomenon (Part Two: A Christian Assessment)

The Eye of Faith

Summary of Problems with Posttribulationism

The Doctrine of the Tribulation in Relation to the Rapture

Witnessing to Jews

Witnessing to Liberals

Close Encounters of the Celestial Kind: Evaluating Today's Angel Craze

The Inspiration of Scripture

Interpreting Scripture

Manuscript Evidence for the Bible

The Case for Unlimited Atonement

Is Universalism Biblical?

Is Purgatory Biblical?

Is Reincarnation Biblical?

Is Annihilationism Biblical?

Important Creeds of Christendom

A Biblical Perspective on Suicide