Pattern Mining

Please read the CTG Pattern Mining Initiative.

There will disagreement amoung those in the pattern community over the use of the term "Pattern Mining" vs. "Pattern Workshop". Strictly speaking mining is where a group of people look for patterns and the workshop is where individuals review pattern written by others.

The reason I am using the term "Mining" instead of "Workshop" is because of the nature of CTG with deverse locations and sources of patterns. The final solution will probably be a mix of both. With that said we proceed:

Writing good patterns is very difficult. Patterns should not only provide facts (like a reference manual or user's guide), but should also tell a story which captures the experience they are trying to convey. A pattern should help its users to: comprehend existing systems; customize systems to fit user needs; and construct new systems. The process of looking for patterns to document is called pattern mining (or sometimes reverse-architecting). Within the pattern mining, the following takes place:

At CTG, in many cases it will not be possible for face to face gathering of people into a workshop except in the case of projects where everyone is at the same location. Therefore, two procedures have been setup to do the pattern mining:

In both cases, the outcome is the same: approved patterns will become part of the CTG pattern catalog system.