Hand crafted clocks made from data or music CD's.

Many years ago, in the days of the Commodore 64, I began making clocks out of floppy disks. I don't know how I got started, exactly. I would buy boxes of floppies in different colors and glue them together in interesting patterns similar to those I make today. My friends loved them and I gave most away.

After a few years I graduated to 3 1/2 in disks. I was getting a lot of free 3 1/2 inch disks in the mail, mostly from Internet service providers. During 1994 and 1995, I started receiving CD's in the mail from thsese same companies. Before I knew it, I had almost twenty CD's that I had no interest in using. I thought about making a clock out of them but I said to myself, "CD's don't seem that interesting. They don't have any angles or points. They're only circles." You see, my artistic talents tend toward geometric shapes, designs and patterns, so CD's seemed to be really dull.

I went ahead and built one anyway and after it was finished, I was so impressed with the mirror and prism effect of the finished piece, I just couldn't wait to show my friends.

I have about 100 practice CD's now, that I lay out in various patterns so see how they will look. When I find a new design that seems pleasing to me, I build a prototype by hand. After that, I build a fixture to hold them in place so they stay aligned during the assembly process. I also draw a picture of the pattern so I can easily build more in the future.

The rest is history!

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