Hand crafted clocks made from data or music CD's.

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Spruce up your home. Dazzle yourself, family and your friends with the prism and mirror effect of these clocks. See a Kaleidoscope of color uniquely shimmering on the face of each clock as you look at it. The rainbow of colors move as you move. These clocks look great in an office, den or just about anywhere you want to brighten your day.

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Clock Model 80C200 Clock Model 80C201G Popular-8 Designs. They are 12" in diameter. There are 8 CD's around the outside. Price $55.

Order Models 80C200 (left), 80C201G (right).
Clock Model 80D200 Clock Model 60D200 Diamond. (left) The perfect shape. Price $60.
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Modern Diamond. (right) An asymmetrical design that is 14" across. Price $60.
Order Model 60D200
Clock Model 121C430 Clock Model 121C440 Compact Designs. These two are part of my new compact series. Note that they differ in size (10" and 12"). The pattern is based on either 3 or 4 CD's. Price $65.

Order Model 121C430 for 3-CDpattern. (left)
Order Model 121C440 for 4-CDpattern. (right)
Clock Model 20T300 Triangle Fanfare. This clock forms a modern Triangle. Each side is 14" long. Price $85.

Order Model 20T300
Clock Model 121C444B Compact Retro. They are 12" in diameter. This is a 4-CD pattern compact clock like the 121C440 above. It also features an embedded 45 rpm black vinyl record and a brass ring around the center CD. Price $75.

Order Model 121C444B
Clock Model 80S200 Snowflake. They are larger than both the Popular-8 and the Diamond. Price $85.

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Clock Model 100R200 Rectangle. This clock is a large rectangle. It's actually a 14" square - quite an optical illusion. Price $90.

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Clock Model 120C200 Popular-12. They are 14" in diameter. There are twelve CD's around the outside. Price $90.

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Ron's Picture - ronclks.jpg (shown with 80C200)

All clocks are handmade in the USA. Please place your order via email, and then just follow up with a check or money order. Clocks sold in the West Palm Beach, FL area may be hand delivered at no additional cost. All shipments within the US are subject to a $8.50 shipping and handling charge. Shipping and handling will vary outside the US. It's that easy! Make checks payable to Ron Davidson. All clocks are shipped UPS. All clock motors are guaranteed for the life of the clock. Return motor or clock to the above address.

Send Email to Ron Davidson at RonzClocks.