Research Instruments and Software Available from ROHNER RESEARCH PUBLICATIONS

  1. Measures of Parental Acceptance-Rejection (and parental control)
    1. Self-report questionnaires
      • Parental Acceptance-Rejection Questionnaire (PARQ)
      • Parental Acceptance-Rejection/Control Questionnaire (PARQ/Control)
        • Adult PARQ/Control: Mother
        • Adult PARQ/Control: Father
        • Child PARQ/Control: Mother
        • Child PARQ/Control: Father
        • Parent PARQ/Control: Mother
        • Parent PARQ/Control: Father
        • Parent PARQ/Control: Infant

      • Teacher Acceptance-Rejection Questionnaire (TARQ)
      • Elder Sibling Acceptance-Rejection/Control Questionnaire (ESAR/CQ)
      • Best Friend Acceptance-Rejection Questionnaire (BFARQ) (60 and 24 items respectively)
      • Mother-In-law Acceptance-Rejection Questionnaire (73 items)
      • Father-In-law Acceptance-Rejection Questionnaire (73 items)

      Note: The PARQ/Control is the standard PARQ with a 13-item parental control (permissiveness-strictness) scale built into it. Both the PARQ and PARQ/Control are available in short versions (24 and 29 items respectively).

       Measure of Intimate Partner Relationships

      Self-report questionnaires

      • Intimate Partner Attachment Questionnaire
      • Intimate Partner Acceptance-Rejection/Control Questionnaire
      • Intimate Adult Relationship Questionnaire (IARQ)

    2. Interviews (available from Rohner Research, not in the Handbook)
      Parental Acceptance-Rejection Interview Schedule (PARIS)
      • Adult PARIS
      • Child PARIS

    3. Behavior Observation (BO) Procedures
      • Behavior Observation codes for parenting toddlers in the 'strange situation' experimental procedure.
      • Behavior Observation codes for PARTheory's personality variables in the 'strange situation' experimental procedure.
  2. Measures of Psychological Adjustment/Personality Functioning
    Personality Assessment Questionnaire (PAQ)

  3. Measures of Corporal Punishment
    Physical Punishment Questionnaire (PPQ)

  4. Measures of student conduct or misconduct
    Teacher's Evaluation of student's conduct
    Parents Evaluation of Child’s Conduct
  5. Software Scoring Program
    PARSCORE 6 is an online scoring program.
    Available May 1st. 2011
Different versions of the PARQ and PAQ are available in up to 30 languages worldwide. The English version of all measures are included in the Handbook for the Study of Parental Acceptance and Rejection , 4th Edition, available only through Rohner Research Publications (see the order form). The Handbook also contains other assessment devices relevant to research and practice on issues surrounding interpersonal acceptance and rejection.