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I started off playing with rockets in junior high school, but sold all my gear for $30 in the middle of 8th grade.

I've spent a heck of a lot more than that since then.

My current status on the hobby is: Tripoli Level 3.

My first trip to the Black Rock Desert in June of 2003 with Aeropac went very well. I flew 17 flights - the biggest being my PML (Public Missiles Limited) Io on a G80 engine. I was hooked.

I went again in September, with hopes of getting my Levels 1&2 certificates. (Level 1 is H & I engines, Level 2 is J, K, and L engines.) I took with me a modified PML Ariel (fiberglassed fins), and big $$ for more engines. I got both certificates, getting my Level 1 with an Aerotech H128, and the Level 2 with a Cesaroni 5 grain, and a 100% on the written exam. I got over 4200 feet on my altimeter!

 photo 881c4c29-8821-4236-8487-a6b84ea9115b_zps4129f0d5.jpg
030920 - Level 1 flight of the Ariel on an H128 at XPRS - Black Rock.

Eventually I built a 4" minimum diameter rocket to fly for my Level 3 attempt.  The first try failed when a shock cord untied, but my second try in August of 2006 was successful!  The Enterprise 98 went to 17,000 feet, on an M2400 Blue Thunder motor, and recovered without damage.

M2400 Cropped photo 26bff5fe-490e-4d32-b88a-f45d3b0229d6_zpsfb27d6e3.jpg
060804 - Aeronaut 2006 - Enterprise 98 on an M2400 for my Level 3!
 photo 4159d557-5176-48b0-8fb0-7618d39b6509_zps6d53f851.jpg
My collection at Dairy Aire, 2008


Next flight opportunity: Blue Ridge, 6/23. Here's some of the stuff I'm considering:

  1. WAC Corporal on a G77.
  2. Majestic on an E16.
  3. Mustang on an F20.
  4. Lots of smaller stuff.

* - Subject to high-altitude/weather/wind conditions.

Here's what I'm working on.

  1. Repair the Upscale Alien Space Probe leg.
  2. Repair the Squatch body with a fiberglass one.
  3. Replace the 1/2A and A gliders that were lost and destroyed.
  4. Fiberglass the Tootsie nose cone.
  5. Fixing the Omega, damaged at LDRS
  6. Fixing the Dead Poole - new booster, sustainer repairs.
  7. Upscale EAC Viper 4" with 54mm motor mount, dual-deploy.
  8. Upscale Estes Commuter 4" with 38mm motor, novel ejection - drogue to main-in-bag-with-cutter.
  9. Replacement Razorback in fiberglass w/54mm motor mount.
  10. Creating the nosecone spinner - like the old "Moldin' Oldies" had. Testing underway!!
  11. Build Big Daddy with 29mm pipe.
  12. Repair "Shaky", a 54mm with 4x29mm motors.
  13. (Scratch) 24mm min diam.
  14. Building lots of other little stuff.
  15. Get the Roton flyable.
  16. Build a BT55 Superroc for 24mm motors. Should be 90" tall!
  17. Repaint the PML Amraam 3 and get it ready to fly.

That oughta do it!

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