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We Love the Iraqi Information Minister Homeland Security Info: Green=Low, Blue=Guarded, Yellow=Elevated, Orange=High, Red=Severe Iraqi Most Wanted Deck
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July 4th Interactive Fireworks
TRANSIT OF VENUS June 7th & 8th, 2004. One of the RAREST astronomical events.

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Is Comet Cursor spyware?
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   Rumors of War   

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FREE Exam 70-240. Microsoft Windows 2000 Accelerated Exam for MCPs Certified on Microsoft Windows NT 4.0. This counts for your 4 Core Exams towards a Windows 2000 MCSE. Apply for your free voucher from Microsoft - see below.
ATTENTION NT 4.0 MCP's. This is a great FREEBIE from MicroSoft.
70-240 MS Links: MCP's Tech Net logon, Free Voucher info, Free Exam Voucher, Preparation Guide, FAQ.
70-240 Transcender Link: Statement regarding Accelerated exam 70-240.
70-240 Free Study Guides: 124 page document from CramSession/BrainBuzz , 70-240 in 15 Minutes a Week.
70-240 Free Practice Exams: 233 Question text file , 4 110-Question Exams
70-240 Resources: Internet Resources for Exam 70-240. This is a one shot deal. If you don't pass the exam (actually four consecutive exams taking several grueling hours) on your first try your next option is to take the regular four core exams at a hundred dollars a pop. It sure seems worth a try for free.
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I am deeply saddened to confirm that singer-songwriter-banjo player John Hartford has died.
Monika & I met John Hartford at the 1992 Tennessee Banjo Institute. We just missed being in this group picture.
As you can see, everyone that was anyone in the banjo community was there.
Even so John Hartford (wearing his usual derby hat in the front row, middle) was the finest of the fine.
For such a famous and talented musician he was warm, friendly, modest, sharing and gentle.
The music community and the human community have been greatly diminished.
go to The John Hartford Web Page

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TA DA! I passed my final MCSE exam and I am now a Microsoft Certified System Engineer and an MCP+Internet!

Mir Reentry - Thu/Fri, 03/22-23/2001
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Click for Santa Monica, California Forecast
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The George Dubya Dance (with sound) How's Your Chad hangin'?
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Tom's MCSE Notes
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    Election 2000 Information
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    A Brief History of Halloween Frankenstein Face Construction Kit
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    Filez, HotFiles, SharePaper
    Find Useless Stuff: Deb & Jen's Land O' Usless Facts.
    Test registration: 1-800-755-EXAM or register on-line.
    Why frames suck
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    [News] Maps in the News [News] Newsmaker Profiles
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    Last 10 Sites Submitted Search the Microsoft Knowledgebase MS KnowledgeBase MIRROR SITE: Fully Accessable
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    Poor Roger's NetScape Tips & Tricks

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    Christmas on the Web Christmas on the World Wide Web Christmas on RubyNet Reg's Christmas Place
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  • Want to see what your neighborhood looks like from space?    Try the TerraServer with 3.5 terrabytes of satellite images.
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    Art Bell cancels his broadcasting career
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    Reverse Phone Lookup
    Telephone (###-###-####) - Individuals only, no businesses or un-listeds.

    The Clinton-Lewinsky Affair Trading Cards
    ForniGate'98: The Starr Report, Read it to me, Impeachment & related links, The Clinton Affairs.
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    Latest news on the reaction to the U.S. war on terrorism
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    Happy Fourth of July! Here's a Fireworks Show in Java.
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    Send a digital tie for father's day
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    YOU MAY HAVE NOTICED that the background music is now a random selection from 70 Bluegrass tunes. The name of the current tune is listed at the very end of this page. I used the JavaScript random number function but it gave me the same tune order each time so I wrote one that uses the current time to seed the function. By the way, I passed another MicroSoft certification exam (06/07/98). Three taken, three passes and three more to go for my MCSE . . .
    //Display title TuneNo = index+1 document.write("
    The randomly selected tune now playing is " + titles[index] + " ["+TuneNo+" / "+tunes.length+"].
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    MCSE UPDATE! - I passed another certification exam (05/18/98) towards my MCSE (Microsoft Certified System Engineer)! Four more exams to go . . .
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    Real Audio Content:
  • On Computers Show & Home Page.
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    Titanic: The Movie, The Ship.
    Goodbye Frank Frank Sinatra dead at 82

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    A N N O U N C E M E N T ! - I passed the first of my six certification exams (04/24/98) towards my MCSE (Microsoft Certified System Engineer) and I am now an MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional)! Five more exams to go for my MCSE.
    RANDOM 80's Lyrics. This sucked -- so it's gone.
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    Goodbye Jerry Seinfeld vigil
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  • Easter time: means PEEPS those wonderfully disgusting marshmallow chickies.
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    Daylight Savings Time - We lose an hour Sun., April 5th at 2:00 am
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  • The 98 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan: Official Site, ESPN Sports Zone, Excite News Tracker, The Sporting News, ----Retired 02/18/98----
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    What are they saying about El Niño?
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    National Center for Missing and Exploited Children Help find a missing child. Call 1-800-THE-LOST.
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  • New Year's Customs: In the USA, Scottish Hogmanay.
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  • Christmas: Christmas Web Sites.
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  • Diana, Princess of Wales 1961-1997: Washington Post Tribute, In Memory of Diana, British Monarchy Web Site.
  • Is there life out there? Mars Pathfinder Mission, Rosswell UFO Museum
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  • Chess doings: Kasparov vs. Deep Blue - The Rematch
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  • Cult doings: Heaven's Gate, Higher Source, Washington Post links, Hale-Bopp comet.
  • Uncle Bob's Christmas Page - It's never too early for Christmas!
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