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WebSurfer's knife ToolKit
These are "MUST HAVE" DOWNLOADS for any "net surfer" (use the 16 Bit versions for Windows 3.1 & the 32 Bit versions for Windows 95 & NT):
  • 16 Bit 32 Bit Win Zip Decompresses downloaded files.
  • 16 Bit 32 Bit Quick Time Video Player 2.1.2
  • 16 Bit 32 Bit Real Audio Player
  • 16 Bit 32 Bit Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0 Reads Portable Document Format (PDF) files.
  • 16 Bit ......... LView 3.1 Graphics viewer/editor/format converter for JPG/GIF/BMP etc.
  • 16 Bit ......... UU-EnCode/DeCode 3.1 Decodes embedded e-mail "attachments."
  • Eudora Light Great freeware E-Mail program.
  • Download Internet Explorer Download Netscape Web Browsers
    If you want a HOME PAGE on the Web
  • Free Home Page Links, Free Web Page Provider Review
  • WS-FTP File Transfer Protocol copies your home page to your web server.
  • WWW FAQ Frequently Asked Questions (& answers) about the Web.
    Assorted Goodies:
    PointCast. The latest news delivered to your PC as a screen saver. MY FAVORITE! Free Agent. Download this great newsgroup reader. Norton Anti-Virus free monthly updates. ForumOne. Search through over 37,000 discussion forums. California Lottery. Do you have a winning ticket?. Los Angeles Metro Links including Pasadena, Santa Monica & Long Beach. MapQuest: map from address. TripQuest: driving directions between cities. The Dilbert Zone. Daily cartoon & more. ON SALE. Live online computer auction.
  • Magazine links: MagNet, Monster List, PathFinder
  • News links: Drudge Report Best web news feeds, Press of the World Pick a location.
  • Book links: Amazon, Book Pile discount technical books, AltBookstore, BookWire, Epic, OnLineBooks
  • The Site What was that URL that Soledad O'Brian mentioned on her show? Find it here.
  • DigiClock Also shows % of available resources. From the Center for the Easily Amused.
  • Today's Almanac History, births, sunrise, etc. From Finland (Los Angeles +10 hours).
  • Los Angeles Seismo-Cam updated every 5 minutes. Was that a shaker I just felt?
  • Old Time Music Fiddle tunes & like that.
  • The Macarena How does that go again?
  • Hey Macaroni! Screensaver of elbow macaroni singing & dancing the Macarena,
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