The Blue House
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Cris (Crispin Clarke), Lady L (Lynette Berti), Duchess (Elaine Koenig) & Count Regor (Roger Goodman)

The Blue House

When I think back on the 60ís, my mindís eye looks through a haze of sandalwood incense and hemp smoke, the smell of young girls wearing patchouli oil, black and white TV images of the war and the draft. But more than anything, I can still see the Blue House.

I lived in Venice Beach, California for about eight years in a house (on Main Street near the Windward circle) that was painted blue -- the walls, the trim -- all blue. Everybody knew it as the Blue House. Have you ever seen those humorous maps they sell of the US that show Los Angeles as occupying ninety percent of the map? Thatís how the Blue House lives in my recollections of that time. The time I spent there is now 30 years past, but some of the images are as clear as if no time had passed and occupy a disproportionately large amount of my nostalgia and memories.

Recently I attended the wedding (
photos) of Seth Thomas Clarke, the son of Cris and Diane Clarke who had lived at the Blue House. STís wedding to Jennifer Bennell on 06/28/97 brought together many people and memories from those smoky days of the Blue House. The times we all lived through together were so remarkable. I began to see that other people had this distorted emphasis on the Blue House days in their memory as well. We began to talk about some way to chronicle those times before it was all forgotten or hopelessly distorted by replaying over-embelished stories in our flawed memories. To me it sounded like one of those fun projects that could become a burden if it found a home with just one person. I suggested that we recollect things a little at a time and exchange them through e-mail. This would produce a piecemeal documentation that could be pulled together later, if someone felt so inspired, while putting no great burden on any one person for the present.

With this in mind, I began a list of Blue House things to recall. I had the list in my pocket when I attended Gaylordís concert at Cal Arts on 08/02/97. Gaylord is the one who originally told me about the Blue House when it was for rent and who had the Fraiser House during that era. After the concert we all (Gaylord, Davy, Diane, Lady L, et al) got together at Gaylordís temporary abode in the dorms. People added to the list and wanted copies. So I decided to put the list on the web where people could get at it. This is a long way around to say that the list wonít mean much to you if you didnít live through the Blue House. If, however, you were in Venice during the 60ís and remember the Blue House, or Gaylordís Fraiser House or anything related, I would love to hear from you. Please send e-mail to and let me know what you remember or what you were trying to remember that the Blue House group might recall for you.

Above: The Blue House map (left) and the Fraser House map (right).
Below: The relationship of the two houses (left) and the Blue House floor plan (right).

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