Sweet's Mill (1/02/76)
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TOP ROW: Martin Fletcher?, Charlie Seeman, Jack Aldrich, Pat Gill, Virgil Byxbe, ?, ?, ?, Chrissie Marshall, Evo Bluestein, Steve Elliot.
2ND ROW:?, Mike Springer.
3RD ROW: Larry White, Jeff Ceurnis, Martin Fletcher?, Karen Leigh, Dale?, Leslie Keir, Jerry Canote, Dave Leddel (& Flower the dog), ?, ?, ?, NPR, NPR, NPR, Liz Burnstein.
BOTTOM ROW:Richard Tuomey, Nancy Doles? Nesthammer, Heather Halfliege, Ruthie Farrah, Roger Goodman.
Sweet's Mill Memories (E Z Smith)
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