The Goodman family at the California Alligator Farm in 1950.

Standing in background: Mimi (cousin on father's side) & Lenny Rich.
Standing foreground: Samuel & Ida Allen (grandparents on mother's side), Zelda & Eddie Goodman (parents).
Sitting Roger (me), Allen & Robbie Goodman (siblings).
The Alligator Farm is one of the many vanished memories of my Los Angeles childhood along with the Ostrich Farm , Clifton's Downtown Cafeteria Grotto , Ships all-night restaurant in Westood, Angel's Flight fenicula, the Pan Pacific Auditorium , the collection of fast-food stands on the dirt turn-off on the way to the old Los Angeles Airport, free silent movies projected onto the side of a building next to an empty lot where neighbors brought chairs and snacks, neighborhood empty lots & dirt alleyways where kids could have unstructured playspace, working at my Dad's gas station & refilling slippery glass jars with oil from a handcranked highboy pump (before oil came in cans), thematic architecture like the windmilled Van de Kamp's Bakeries and The Brown Derby where I saw my 1st revolving door and Currie's Ice Cream "Home of the Mile High Cone", Penny Post Cards , Log Cabin Syrup in replica log cabin tins , the Big White Steamer to Catalina Island , the Pacific Electric Red Cars and the trackless trolleys, the Semiphore Traffic Signals that rang a bell when the sign and the light changed, the Olympic Drive-In movie.
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