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Mt Wilson Observatory Cam Catalina Island Cam Hollywood Cam
Mt Wilson Observatory Cam, CA Catalina Island Cam Hollywood Cam. Click here for more info.

  • El Niño: What is El Niño?
  • Take me to a Random: Joke, Bluegrass Tune.
  • Free Software: ShareWare, DownLoad, TuCows,
  • Free FAX: Send a FAX right from your Web browser.
  • Freebies: The Free Site.
  • Find People: Four11, WhoWhere, BigYellow, BigBook
  • Find Stuff:, Beaucoup 2,000+ search engines classified, Yahoo best starting place, Search many search links,
    Virtual Reference Desk over 11,000 links, Research it with iTools, Web-o-pedia the ultimate computer encyclopedia.
  • Talk Radio: Coast To Coast with George Noory (was Art Bell), Mr K (Mark Germain), Jeff Levy - On Computers,
    Stephanie Miller, Rachel Maddow Radio TV.
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    Our friend Dan Levitt has made a stunningly beautiful banjo.
    He is a craftsman's craftsman and a musician's musician.
    His playing style is as ornate as his banjo is fancy.
    Click below to see pictures of this amazing banjo.

    See pictures of Dan's Fancy Banjo
    Fancy Banjo by Dan Levitt
    Dan has made a CD with many of his original tunes
    played on his Fancy Banjo.
    The CD should be released soon.
    I got to play harmonica on one cut, "Going For a Ride."

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    PoorRoger is Roger Goodman.
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    MCSE = Microsoft Certified System Engineer
    There are plenty of MCSE resources on the web.
    This site offers some free study guides: CramSession.
    Two commercial MCSE study products I found useful: Exam Cram books and Transcender practice tests.
    Test registration: On-Line or call 1-800-755-EXAM.
    You should also check out Poor Roger's New & Improved Method for SubNet Masking

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    Larry Brown passing 12/02/2007
    Blue House
    Virtual Venice
    1992 Tennessee Banjo Institute group picture. We missed being in picture by 1/2 hour.
    [Monika & Gitta (with Sonja) in the Shanghai Jewish Ghetto c 1944] [Sonja's Words]
    Rose Parade Jan 1996
    Broken Elbow X-Ray
    Alligator Farm 1950 & Christmas 2005 (55 years later)
    Sweet's Mill  Winter 1976   Winter 1977
    Cabin Jam, Lake Sylvia, Annandale, MN   2001   2002   2003   2004
    Music Jam at Kurt & Barbara Gary's 9/02/02
    Warner Springs Jam 2/01/03 [Roger's photos] [Gitta's photos]
    Pictures from our trip to France & Germany (Sept-2002)
    Pictures from our trip to Italy & Germany (Sep/Oct-2006)
    Thanksgiving in Minnesota   2002   2003
    Annual 39th Music Bash 2003 [Roger's Pictures] [Jerry Judson's Pictures] [Judy's collage]
    Topanga Banjo Fiddle Contest 05/18/2003
    Fancy Banjo by Dan Levitt
    Traveling Musician's Rights for Carry-On Instruments
    Keys to the Highway - My music theory column from
    Banjo Cruise 16-Feb-2006 - Group Photo Small(27KB)  Large(174KB) - Student's Email Roster

    Mother Logo Reunion Concert 12/06/2003 - Photos
    Mother Logo's 2nd vinyl album, 'Branching Out' (1986), has been re-issued on CD
    & is available from Old Topanga Music


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