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is an important
issue to me

||| Rod Wood |||

c l i c k   f o r   m o r e   p i c t u r e s 


This is for you, John.
1959 ~ 1995
You're still loved

- Northern California Mr. Drummer 2000 -
- Russian River Mr. Drummer 2000 - 
C A U T I O N !     Some of these sites may have sexually graphic materials!
If this offends you, please go back!

Stats:     The "quick" list about me...
  • Sexual Orientation - Exclusively Gay Male. Butch, Dominant. See hankies. SAFE, Sane, Consensual. Period.
  • Height / Weight - 6' 1" (185cm)  /  190lbs (85kg).
  • Hair / Eyes - Salt 'n Pepper Brown, Bearded, Some Chest Hair  /  Two, both Hazel.
  • Birthday / Ancestry - April 1, 1954 (April Fool's Day, Aries)  /  Texan, multiple generations.
  • Domicile - San Francisco & Guerneville (Russian River), California.
  • Body Modifications - No tattoos or piercing... but restoring foreskin.
  • Health - Healthy 46 years old, HIV- (and plan to stay that way), Non-smoker, Drink only occasionally, No drugs.
  • Marital - Single, looking...   Likes butch submissives with facial hair, who like to be cuddled after lusty sex.
  • S-M Relationships - Slave to cat. I get to feed her, she gets to taunt me.
  • Employment / Hobbies - Engineer, Electronics  /  Fishing, Camping (w/tents), Computers, Cooking, Helping others.
  • Religion / Politics - Raised Episcopalian  /  Social Liberal, Fiscal Conservative.
  • Fantasy - That people would not be persecuted because of factors beyond their control (e.g. sexuality or ethnicity).
  • Best / Worst Traits - Compassionate, good listener, patient  /  Hard-headed, bad memory for names.
  • Current/Past - Northern California (& Russian River) Mr. Drummer 2000 / Russian River Leather Daddy 1991.
  • Personal Quote - "The world is full of miserable people, and I'm not one of them."
  • Favorite Charities - Food for Thought, AIDS Emergency Fund.
  • Memberships - Deputy member of the Regiment of the Black and Tans (uniform club).
  • Trivia - I'm an Eagle Scout, appeared in the 1989 Gauntlet (L.A.) calendar, written articles for the local gay paper,

  •               and have a desire to be the first mayor of Guerneville, California.
  • Reflection - Buddhists & Wiccans believe that what you do comes back to you. I agree, & live my life accordingly.
  • Issues - Safety, Courtesy, Equality.



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       Howdy! Welcome to my home page. I've set this up so that you can learn a bit about me. I know that sounds a bit self-serving, but hey, it's my page. I'm sure yours is the same.
        First, in answer to what's probably your first question, yes, Rod Wood really is my name. I can thank my parents for that. However, I constantly get called "Ron", "Rob", or some other variation. It's a bit annoying, but I've gotten used to it.
        I'm a native Texan, born and raised there. As were my parents, and theirs,.... we go back a ways. I'm proud of my heritage, although worry about the politics there, and don't think I could ever go back to live there. Most folks find it hard to believe that I am actually from Texas, since I've never had too much of an accent, even when I lived there. Being a Texan means I tend to be hard-headed, but a gentleman.
        My birthdate is April 1, 1954. That makes me an Aries, if you were wondering. The advantage of that birthday is it's easy to remember. But the disadvantage is that I get empty boxes for presents, or that my birthday gets an Easter theme. It could be worse, I could have been born on Christmas. Because my former partner John Ball's birthday was so close to mine, I give a birthday party each year in memory of him. I request that everyone bring their checkbooks to contribute to an AIDS organization. I don't need birthday presents, and there's loads of people who need help much more than me.
        I am an engineer by trade, and by attitude. That means that I not only make money at it, it's a major part of my life. I think things through, weighing the pros and cons, before taking most actions. It also means an assortment of bizarre time-, energy-, effort-, and money-saving gadgets and "improvements" around the house. Friends think I'm only slightly eccentric - but only after they really get to know me.
        I'm been involved in fundraising for Food for Thought (the Sonoma County AIDS Food Bank) since my first summer in Guerneville, 1991. They help women and men who are affected by AIDS. I've produced events in local bars and at home to raise thousands of dollars over the years. And each year I march with them in the Santa Rosa and San Francisco Pride Parades. More recently, I've also spent time to help the new AIDS Emergency Fund in Sonoma County.
        A message of Safety is what I hope to spread during my Drummer year. We need to bring back the concept of "Safe, Sane and Consentual Sex" to the Community. And to make safety part of our everyday lives so that none of us dies needlessly.

    Links    Interesting places to go on the web...

    I'm on ICQ  72251067

    Copyright (C) 2000 Rod Wood. *All products mentioned are trademarks of their respective companies.
    Thanks to Russian River Eagle for Drummer pictures above!   And thanks for stopping by - Rod 

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