Hello everyone,

I've finally started a technical blog, and moved the database tuning presentation that was on this page to: 


As well, on my blog, http://rodgersnotes.wordpress.com, you will be able to find lots of other very useful information on database design, tuning, architecture, methodologies & philosophies, scripts, analysis, and more.  All with the idea toward building solid systems that work right, first time, every time.



Hello everyone,

Thanks to everyone who came out to see me at the NorthEast Oracle User's Group Spring training day.
(March 17, 2004)

I was worried that I would not have a very big audience, but it turned out well.
As promised, I have made the slides available to those who want them.
You can download them from here:

These slides have a little more self-explanatory detail, in case someone did not see the presentation.
Please let me know if they are useful. And feel free to quote me.



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